As a photographer, it’s no surprise I love stories. And I can’t wait to tell your family’s through photos that look and feel oh-so-you.

(lively, sweet, and everything in between)

Your husband’s reaction to that hilarious thing your toddler just did? Got it!
The tiny details like toes and curls that make your little one so unique? Check.
The joy on your face when you pick up your squishy newborn from their crib? Done and done.

I'm Claire Mayo,

and I believe no moment is too small, messy, or mundane to frame. I started my photography business after the birth of my second child as a creative outlet to express myself and a way to meet other mamas in the community. Nearly seven years and hundreds of sessions later, I’ve mastered the balance between entertaining and engaging your kids so they have fun, and producing beautiful images you’ll want to hang on the walls of your forever home. 

These years can feel like a blur, but they don’t have to be with the right 
photographer by your side. 

Because it’s true:


Let’s get to know each other!

Bet you’d never guess…

  • I could eat leftovers for breakfast any day of the week. Cold pizza with coffee? Sign me up!
  • I studied abroad in Australia while in college and had an incredible experience that ignited my love of travel, something I still love to do with my family to this day.
  • As much as I adore spending time with my kids, I’m not above hiding in the bathroom to steal a few moments to myself every now and then!

But above all,

I’m best known for creating images full of…

Substance • Story • Wonder • Energy • Fun • Personality • Emotion

As your photographer, 
I promise to always:

Serve you well through the way I communicate, connect, and support you throughout the entire process. I’ll never leave you hanging or wondering “What happens next?!”

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Take pride in my work and the stories I tell through beautiful, cohesive imagery. I try to always capture the true movements, expressions, and interactions of you and your kiddos—no forced poses or awkward gimmicks here, thanks! 

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Be honest and transparent in every interaction as a business owner, mama, and member of our community. 

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“I thought about this long and hard and I truly do not have any negative feedback. I can’t think of a single thing that I would change. I absolutely LOVE the photos!”

Kind words from happy parents:

–Kat and Benjamin

"I'm so grateful my path crossed Claire’s! She captured my family so beautifully and it was fast and fun (both important with small kids)! If you dream of having gorgeous photos, let her make them a reality for you, too. She's very gifted at what she does and you will not be disappointed!"

Kind words from happy parents: