Culver’s Garden Center & Greenhouse in Marion: Family Photo Location Inspiration

Do you want a unique indoor location for your family photo session that is lush and green all year round? Culver’s Garden Center and Greenhouse in Marion, Iowa is the perfect location, especially in the winter months or when the weather isn’t ideal for an outdoor session. You don’t have to forgo the warmth and green tones in your images just because there is snow outside and all of the trees are bare. The flexibility in what time a photo session is, and the large space, makes it an ideal location for family’s with young kiddos with earlier bedtimes that need space to explore and play!

greenhouse photo session

A warm paradise in the winter months

Weather has no influence on the beauty inside Culver’s greenhouse. It’s green, gorgeous, and warm year round. Outdoor snow sessions are beautiful, but if you (like me!) or your kiddos don’t tolerate the cold well, the greenhouse is cozy with lots of room for them to roam and explore.

The greenhouse photographs beautifully at all times of day

Another plus is sessions can happen anytime they are open. I typically shoot outdoor family sessions an hour before sunset, which can be tricky with younger kids’ bedtimes, especially in the summer when sunset isn’t until 9pm. We could have an 11am or 1pm greenhouse session, which would never happen time wise with an outdoor session. If you need to work around naptimes and bedtimes, this location works wonderfully to accommodate those needs.

family photos at greenhouse

It’s large with lots of room to explore

Sometimes in studios and other indoor locations square footage is tight. The way I run sessions, you are constantly moving so sessions at the greenhouse allow for lots of exploration. This is particularly important with younger kids who do not sit still. Visually the rows and lines of plants create a beautiful backdrop. If you’ve never done a session at Culver’s greenhouse, I HIGHLY recommend doing one this year!

If you love the sound of a greenhouse session, request a session here and we can chat more about this beautiful location! Still not sure if a greenhouse session is right for your family or if another location would be better? Fill out the contact form here and we can explore other location options and find the perfect one for your family. Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list. You’ll receive more information regarding location options, session prep, and be the first to know when I release sessions, special events, and more!

I can’t wait to capture your family! – Claire

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