Is an in-home newborn session right for your family?

As a Mom of two, I know how exciting it is to have the first images of your family and newest arrival captured! Many moms struggle trying to decide if a studio or in-home newborn session is right for their family. Below are my top 4 reasons your family will love the relaxed nature of an in-home newborn session! After reading this, my hope is you will know whether an in home newborn session is right for your family!

1. Less stress to get everyone ready!

There is no way of forgetting anything when I come to you! As you know (or can imagine if you’re a new mom), it’s not easy to get yourself and other family members photo-ready and pack up everything to go somewhere. Additionally, if you have other children, they typically do best in their own home. They are usually excited to show me their new sibling or their favorite toy! Plus, once they are done with photos, they can go play. And lastly, by photographing you in your home, I can highlight all of the important things in your life. You will not only be able show your child their newborn images, but you will be able to tell your child all about their first home which makes it extra special.

2. If you aren’t ready right when I arrive, that’s okay!

If you aren’t totally ready when I arrive, no problem! I always spend a few minutes greeting your family and figuring out where the light is best in your home. I can always start photographing baby first, giving you the extra time needed to get yourself ready! Plus, if baby spits up on an outfit or there are any other wardrobe malfunctions, we can easily address those and continue with the session.

3. The age of your newborn can vary; the session doesn’t need to happen in the first two weeks

Another advantage to an in-home newborn session, is the flexibility on when they happen. I have taken pictures of a two week old, a ten week old, and all ages in between! So, if you need more time to adjust or have any complications after you deliver, there is no pressure to have the session done within a certain time frame. Additionally, it doesn’t matter if they sleep or are awake at the session. A lot of times, studio photographers want them to be under two weeks so they have a better chance of sleeping, but I love sessions when baby is awake! Their personality really shines in those awake images.

4. Fur babies can be included when you have an in-home newborn session

I know how much your animals mean to you. They are part of your family and often your first “children!” By having the session at home, we can easily incorporate them into the images, making sure all of your family members are included, even your four-legged ones!

Will my house work for an in-home session? YES!

Before ending this post, I want to address the concern I get all the time from Mommas considering in-home sessions. Many don’t believe their home will photograph well. While I typically use a mix of the nursery, living room, & bedroom, I literally need only ONE corner of your home. The focus is the love of your family and excitement around your newest addition. I promise I can provide beautiful images in any home!

Ready to book an in-home newborn session? Simply, request a session here!

Still not sure if it’s right for you? Please message me here and we can chat! Learn more about newborn sessions on my website by following this link!

  1. Dave Ellenbecker says:

    Great picture!!
    Love them, precious baby!!

    Claire we Love you!!

  2. Becky says:

    This post is so helpful and encouraging! I love how low stress it is, and that you the age of the newborn can vary. It can be stressful to try to get photos within the first few days of life! Love the photos too!

  3. Neyssa says:

    Beautiful photos and great tips for any family!

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