A Naptime Session Experience

What better way to know if a naptime session is right for your family than to hear from a Mom that’s experienced one!? This family has done both an outdoor summer family session and a naptime session. I hope her insight will help you decide which session type (possibly both) is best for you! Let’s dive in!

Q: Can you describe how it felt to have me in your home capturing your typical naptime routine?

A: You are SO easy to work with and it felt more like bringing a friend into our home rather than a stranger. I think you letting us guide the session by going through our typical routine is what made us all, especially our son Parker, feel comfortable. Since we were all relaxed, the images truly reflect “us.”

Q: Did you have any worries or concerns going into the session?

A: Honestly, we weren’t sure what to expect leading up to our session since we had never done a naptime session before. Rather then worrying too much about what we would wear or how clean our house was, I tried to embrace what is “normal” for us. This was a much different feeling than what I had leading up to the family session this summer… I spent days trying to find the ‘right’ outfits and worrying if Parker and River (our dog) would cooperate for the photos. Thankfully you had a very helpful style guide to help us with planning our outfits this summer. Once we got to the session this summer we took a deep breath and knew we were in great hands with you. 

Q: What was your reaction or thoughts when you viewed your gallery?

A: We were blown away when viewing our photos from both our sessions!! Your photos have a magical way of capturing the little moments that I want to hang onto forever. The images from our naptime session truly captured the ordinary moments that mean so much now and will mean even more as time goes on. 

Q: Will you share a few of the images you really love and tell me why you love them?

A: These are two of my favorite photos from this session! This close up perfectly captures all of his orneriness and sweetness (and little hand dimples). I also love this photo of us reading a book before his nap sitting in the same spot we do every day and night.

A few other favorites were Parker looking at River through the window and playing peak-a-boo through the bedroom door. River is his best friend and always his top concern. We have played peak-a-boo with the curtain more times than I can count when he is stalling for bedtime.

Q: Now that you’ve done a typical family session with me and a naptime one, is there one you prefer? 

A: We LOVED both sessions and working with you. We will definitely book both types again in the future! I do like the traditional style of photos that were captured in the family session we did this summer, but the naptime session made my heart swell. I think every family needs to do a naptime session now because these are the moments that I know I treasure most. 

Q: Do you have any ideas of what you will do with these images?  

A: The typical family session photos were great for more formal areas of the house and to share with friends and family. I plan to hang some of the images from the naptime session and to print all of them for an album. These images capture the nontraditional playful moments that I feel like I’ve taken snapshots of in my mind thousands of times and now I’m excited to have photos of these moments to hang on to. 

Thank you so much, Becca, for your honest feedback! I think it will be super helpful to those wanting to know more about what a naptime session looks and feels like. I cannot wait to capture more of your family’s memories in the future!

To see some more from this naptime session, scroll down! Interested in booking a naptime session? Request a session here!

  1. Becky says:

    These images are beautiful! I’ve never heard of a naptime session, but I really love the concept! I feel like it’s so important to capture the beauty in everyday moments. These are the the types of images that you will cherish years to come, and that your children will cherish when they grow up!

  2. Neyssa Lee says:

    These are gorgeous and what a great interview!

  3. Marlo Moody says:

    I love this blog post and the nap time session idea. It is beautifully written. What a great idea to interview the family. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Clare McKenna says:

    Hey Claire,
    I really think this approach is unique. While I feel like most family sessions are picture perfect, sessions like these can showcase real authenticity. Beautiful images 🙂

  5. Emily C says:

    This is an absolutely amazing idea and such a gift – capturing what seems so routine. With fleeting moments, such as these, you’re providing gorgeous images that will be treasured!

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