What to wear for family photos


Let me help you!

I know you’re busy so if you only have one minute and want to know the most important outfit tips, click below to access my Canva Quick Outfit Guide. It hits all of my best tips and you can even save it on your phone to reference when shopping! If you’d like more detailed info, keep reading!

I want your entire photography experience to be amazing, from the time you first request a session until your images are hung beautifully on your walls! Helping you figure out what to wear is part of the services I provide, so PLEASE allow me to offer suggestions based on location, season of the session, session type, etc. If you want me to find a few outfit options for your family, simply contact me and you don’t even need to read more of this post! 🙂 I want this to be a fun and easy part for you, so please use my expertise on outfits!

Start with your outfit Momma!

In my experience, Momma’s shop for everyone else and search for their outfit last. This typically results in Moms selecting an outfit they don’t love, which is not the outcome we want. By starting with yours, you will be certain you look and feel amazing. If you like dresses, wear one.  Midi or longer dress styles photograph beautifully and are often suggested because they look great on all body types and allow for a lot of movement/variety in the images. That being said, if you’re a t-shirt and jeans person, 100% wear that.  Elevate your look beyond your everyday, but the most important thing is to feel comfortable. 

Coordinate color wise, but don’t be matchy/matchy. 

There was time when having your kids wear the same outfit worked, but your kids are individuals, so let their clothing reflect their personality!  Plus it gives visual interest when you are in similar colors, but not the exact same thing.  So pick a color palate of 2-3 colors and build from there.  Neutrals and jewel tones photograph beautifully. If you think you can only wear creams, you’re wrong. You can do color.  For example, instead of red, do burgundy; instead of neon yellow, do mustard. Did you know that neon or super bright/bold colors actually alter your skin color?! Wild right?

Prints and textures, YES please!

Once you have your color palate, find pieces that have subtle prints and textures.  In the image above, the Momma is wearing the print.  Then she built the other outfits from there. People often struggle with what I mean by texture.  Texture is anything that isn’t a solid flat color.  Below are some examples of texture.  

Make sure the clothing fits & don’t forget shoes!

This is super important.  If you’re like me, you buy larger so your kids will grow into it and you’ll get longer than a few months use out of the item.  But for family pictures, the clothing needs to fit!  Athletic shoes typically do not go with the color scheme of the outfits you select, so make sure you wear shoes that go with your outfits! Want to ditch the shoes altogether? Creek and beach sessions are the answer! Location does factor into your outfits.

What colors are in your home?

Taking a few minutes to see what colors you have in your home will also help you figure out colors for your outfits. These images will be plastered all over your walls, so you want them to reflect your personal style. This is especially important for in-home sessions. I will always ask you to send me some pictures of your home so I can offer suggestions! Below are some more color swatches that photograph beautifully!

Still have questions?! Shoot me a message here and let’s chat! I can’t wait to capture your memories!!!!!!

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