Must-Dos to Amp Up Excitement for Your Family Photo Session!

Get ready for the joy of viewing your family’s timeless gallery! Here’s a quick guide to build excitement:

For Yourself:

  • Release the pressure on family behavior.
  • Connect, play, and embrace the natural flow of the session.
  • It’s okay if kids cry – comfort them – these will be some of your favorite images I promise!
  • It’s okay if kids resist games – I will just move on to something else they will enjoy!
  • Arrive with a mission: shower your family with love and let the session unfold naturally, following my lead.

For Your Kids:

  • Keep it simple when explaining the session – tell them you’re hanging out with your friend Claire, playing games, and exploring.
  • Avoid practicing smiles – genuine ones come when they’re having fun.
  • Skip the fuss about keeping clothes clean; it hinders natural movement and interaction.

For Your Partner:

  • Address any uncertainty by assuring them I’ll provide guidance.
  • Encourage them to focus on you or the kids, not me.
  • Emphasize movement – there’ll be minimal standing or sitting in one place.
  • Reassure them that it will be a fun experience, and time will fly by.

Quick recap! Talk less about the session in front of your kids and arrive ready to love, play, and explore. I’m excited to see the unique moments we’ll create together!

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